Hello, my name is Sascha Lunyakov. I was born and raised in Ukraine but I have lived in Germany since the end of 1998. Beginning in 2004 I now work as a freelance artist, illustrator and author.

My art is mainly associated with animal painting. I started to paint very early on in my life - when I was in elementary school. My fondness for animals led me to study veterinary medicine and afterwards I worked as a veterinarian for several years.

However, over time, my passion for painting became a greater priority. For over 10 years, I have concentrated on painting in a true-to-nature, hyper-realistic yet surreal style, for both large paintings and small graphics. My works are mainly animals, but sometimes they are unusual figures, which share the planet with us or appear in our stories and myths, history and fantasies.
What boy did not dream of drawing or painting Vikings, knights or dragons? I was definitely one of them, and now I am living my dream and I even get paid for it!

For several years I have delved into the world of writing, and my good friend Ralph has inspired me to write and illustrate a book about him. Thus, "Ralf in Danger" came about. It is my first but certainly not the last; continued stories about Ralf have already been started.

I would be so pleased if you enjoyed my work and that I have managed to provoke some thoughts. If you have any questions or comments, do send me a message. I look forward to it!

Best regards,